Doreen Lawrence demands a public inquiry


Doreen Lawrence is pictured by Flyer News as she exits the Home Office shortly after meeting with Home Secretary Theresa May.


After claims by a former undercover police officer, Peter Francis who alleges the Lawrence’s were subject to a smear campaign, The UK Government has promised to investigate these allegations.


Following the meeting Doreen Lawrence said that if this kind of thing took place you wonder what else there is to be revealed. Doreen demanded that only a fully independent public inquiry would be acceptable to establish the truth.


These recent claims are hugely embarrassing to the Met Police Service especially given light to the statement of William Macpherson in 1999 who reported evidence of institutionalised racism within the force. Speaking to Flyer News, Lisa a TV broadcaster said: “When I first heard of the news I was shocked but on reflection not entirely surprised by these allegations.”

Joe who works as a freelance photographer said: “I’m Greek and I haven’t really experienced much if any  racism in London. I feel very sorry for black people living in the UK.”


Doreen Lawrence described her meeting with Theresa May as being ‘very positive’ and said there is likely to be another meeting soon.

Pictured above by FLYER Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe was spotted as he exited a London radio station. The police Commissioner said he was unaware of these recent allegations prior to the Guardian Newspaper’s initial report.

     Celebs in the city

Supermodel’s Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell were spotted attending a charity event at 45 Park Lane Hotel in London.



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