Hats off to Pendleton as horse goes for flowers


It takes a special kind of person who can keep composed when a half ton beast is trying to chomp its way through your hat but Olympic Cycling champ Victoria Pendleton CBE did just that at this photocal in central London.


Celebrated Olympian, Victoria Pendleton MBE looked fabulous as she launched Royal Ascot’s 2013 campaign ‘The Colour and the Glory”.

Wearing an Emilia Wickstead dress and Philip Treacy hat to reflect the campaign’s iconic racing image what could possibly go wrong?


Some people say you should think twice before working with animals and so it proved. Olympian Pendleton who has a reputation for keeping cool under pressure faced one of her biggest challenges as the half ton beast made two attempts to sample the fresh flowers that were attached to her hat.

The impulsive beast was eventually brought under control. Despite this close encounter with the four legged animal Victoria Pendleton CBE kept her composure and carried on with the launch.


In true British style Victoria Pendleton CBE continued as if nothing extraordinary had occurred.


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