Black Barbie Minaj rocks pink in London


American Trinidadian Nicki Minaj stepped out today rocking her ‘Black Barbie’ look. Wearing pink platforms complimented with printed troll tights, this was the Nicki Minaj the public was expectng to see. Throughout the day Minaj’s stylists were busy ferrying items of clothing back and forth from retailers.


Minaj was pictured as she headed to a public signing  at Whiteley’s Shopping centre, Bayswater where she was promoting Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.


Following the chaotic scenes the previous day fans were held back behind barriers. Nicki Minaj’s personal security in our opinion made the wrong decision in not allocating a press enclosure for photographers.

 “This decision was mind boggling and the other security knew it was the wrong decision. It was far safer for the public if the paparazzi were shooting from within a designated spot,” said a photographer.

The result of this flawed decision was chaos.


The American Trinidadian who calls herself the ‘Black Barbie’ greeted fans, one excited fan tried to climb the barriers but was held back by the police.


Do we like the look?

According to Minaj fans this was the real Nicki, thumbs up to the stylist for this look.

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