Hamilton sheds light on his hero Aryton Senna


Louis Hamilton is undeniably one of the world’s greatest sportsmen. His confidence and self belief sometimes infuriates journalists and the media at large, however in a rare interview Louis opened up about his ambitions and his hero Aryton Senna.


Louis said: “There are many people who I respect but ultimate hero was Aryton Senna.”

Although Louis and Jenson could not be drawn on the subject of their domestic rivalry, the two drivers clashed slightly with regards racing at the Silverstone Grand Prix, tomorrow.


Jenson said: “The atmosphere at Silverstone is electric; the best in the world but this also adds more pressure on me as a driver.”

Louis on the other hand said: “Silverstone is the greatest; the crowd the atmosphere, there’s nothing like competing at home.”


Some journalists however concluded that the superiority of Red Bull combined with a wish to emulate the success of Aryton Senna could lead to a toxic mix of circumstances unless Hamilton adopts a more defensive approach.

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