Honda 125SHi Built for comfort and speed

Honda was the first to respond, in 2001, to market needs and reducing environmental impact, by launching the first-generation SH125/150 models elegantly designed with better functions and quality feel.

These machines feature 4-stroke engines and boast upgraded engine displacements at 125cc and 150cc, respectively. By realizing excellent engine performance and low fuel consumption while retaining the utility of the original model, they attained undisputed status with the highest number of motorcycles registered in Europe (according to Honda research).

The classic design has stood the test of time and fifteen years on the Honda SH125i is still considered the premier choice for couriers in the capital.

With the rising costs of travel hard squeezed Londoners looking for alternative ways to commute will not be disappointed with the latest Honda 125i offerings which now offer LED head and trail lights.

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