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The WIE (Women Inspiration & Enterprise) hosted by TV presenter / producer June Sarpong was held in London recently.  The event which coincided with International Women’s Day on the 8th March attracted a number of key speakers and influential women.


WIE looks to inspire social change in the next generation of women leaders by sharing knowledge and experiences. They do this successfully by creating supportive and social networks.


The London WIE event attracted a huge turnout. The event included a number of practical workshops, seminars and advice.


Guests included a number of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders including founder of the MOBO’s Kanya King, Lawyer Cherie Blair, Actress Rosario Dawson, Justice Campaigner Doreen Lawrence, Ex Factor winner Alexandra Burke and TV host Claudia Winkleman.


Speaking to FLYER News, WIE host June Sarpong said: “I’m really proud to be launching this event here in London today. I have received so much support from a network of special friends and associates.”


TV presenter and producer June Sarpong who now resides in New York is passionate about equality but has reportedly found that living in the US has opened many more doors.

Sarpong is not alone. The exodus of UK talent to overseas markets continues at pace and raises questions over the long term impact on society where huge numbers of  African heritage people are being denied the opportunity  to achieve their full working potential.”


Reports last week that revealed that over 50% of Black men between the ages of 18 – 24 are unemployed in Britain has raised alarm bells.

June Sarpong joins a number of African heritage Women from the UK who have successfully relocated to the United States, Australia or New Zealand.


Other talent who have moved overseas include recording artist Estelle and LA based resident Mel B from the Spice Girls.

Estelle revealed in a recent interview with Flyer Newspaper that the US has a different work ethic than the UK

“I moved to the US simply because there weren’t the same opportunities available in the UK. I saved up all of my money and then I travelled. Networking opportunities were far greater in New York and following my hit single and after I had started my own label and read-up on the music industry people finally began to notice me,” said Estelle.


Estelle exclaimed: “It was never my intention to move to the US it was simply that I was offered a recording contract in New York. To be successful you have to focus on every aspect of your life not just the music but the business side as well. You basically have to be prepared to get up very early every day and work very hard.”

Japanese business specialist Kazuko Hill said: “Success really does breed success. You have to work hard at being lucky but more importantly realising how to use those skills to generate money is the key.”

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