Madonna – victim of negative media agenda?


It’s not unusual for celebrities to be booed at film premiers. Celebrities who don’t somehow conform to the every whim of the crowd or the press are often given a tough time however it’s very rarely reported. The media agenda to pour shame on the American was likely to have been spun long before the star even stepped foot on the red carpet for the premier of W.E.


One reporter said: “It was likely that Madonna’s cards were marked many months ago with regards the British media. She was photographed arriving on set of this film by bicycle, there were unfair comments circulating about her commitment to the project which coincided with her ongoing private life which became public  knowledge.”


Madonna also purchased a new property which she converted into a gym. This meant that photographers were unable to snap the star going from home to the gym, it didn’t go down well in the media whatsoever.”

To make matters worse a sequence of events on the night of the movie premier of W.E. meant that Madonna had little chance of ever receiving any positive press from the night.

1.) To begin with the lead car which she was travelling was shunted from behind by a black Range rover as it arrived on the red-carpet.

2.) Whilst walking the red carpet scuffles broke out twice amongst autograph collectors forcing Madonna to abandon her pans of greeting the public.

3). The lack of security meant that Madonna was stranded between the public and the press who surrounded the Madonna on the red carpet creating a media frenzy.

4.) Madonna was whisked before the press photographers many of whom did not get a single frame which annoyed their agencies.

5.) When Madonna left the cinema she greeted her fans and the public and threw a bouquet of flowers into the crowd. Madonna stayed on the carpet for two minutes however none of this was reported.



     About the film W.E.

W.E. is a rich, elegantly structured exploration of the connection between two women, decades apart, both confronting the consequences of desire. Wally Winthrop (Abbie Cornish) gave up a promising Manhattan career to marry successful psychoanalyst William (Richard Coyle), but finds herself trapped in loveless marriage.


She’s obsessed with Wallis Simpson (Andrea Riseborough), the intelligent and stylish divorcée who captured the heart of King Edward VIII (James D’Arcy).

After Edward abdicated the throne he and Wallis married, but as Duke and Duchess of Windsor they spent the rest of their lives effectively exiled from the UK. Frustrated by her husband’s indifference and inspired by Wallis’ pursuit of love in the face of social disapproval, when Wally meets an intriguing new man (Oscar Isaac), she finds herself drawn to him.

Madonna, who directs and co-wrote the screenplay (with Alek Keshishian), strikes a delicate balance between the romantic aspirations of the women and their strength and resilience. Working with a world-class team of collaborators, Madonna also gives us a film that is visually sensuous, without ever lapsing into period drama clichés. Andrea Riseborough and Abbie Cornish confirm their status as two of cinemas’ most talented and exciting young actors, and Oscar Isaac brings a magnetic presence. A work of maturity but far from stuffy, W.E. sees Madonna starting a welcome new chapter in her filmmaking career.

     Celebs who rocked the  premier

Fresh from working in America, Brit model/DJ  Toloula Adeyemi looked cool in printed grey.



Toloula shared the limelight with Andrea Riseborough who plays the US divorcee and actress Katie McGrath.

Singing sensation MIA also made an impression at the star-studded premier.



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