Thandie strikes deal with the paparazzi


She maybe one of the UK’s  most celebrated female actresses but Thandie Newton chose to take the back door of the launch night of “Death And The Maiden” theatre production in London.


Throughout the evening paparazzo’s had circled the Comedy Theatre hoping to catch a glimpse of this elusive British talent.


Many were left standing unaware that Thandie had slipped out through a fire-escape and had it not been for a paparazzi walking in the wrong direction many would still be waiting.

On exit from her after-party a deal was reportedly struck between the paparazzi and Thandie’s rep. A showbiz insider said: “It was wet and cold and nobody was in the mood for a paparazzi scrum. The paparazzi asked that Thandie and her husband pose for pictures and in return Thandie would be given a clear ext route to her car. Thandie agreed and unbelievably for London over ten paparazzi allowed Thandie to walk clear it was a sight to behold.”


A star studded audience attended the press night of “Death of the Maiden” theatre production staring British actress Thandie Newton. VIP guests who attended the theatre production included actress Dakota Fanny and Laura Bailey.


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