Janet Jackson mania rocks London


Jackson Mania began two days before the star arrived in the UK after misleading travel itinerary was leaked onto the Internet.


“We were informed that Janet was arriving at 1.30pm on Tuesday at Kings Cross via Eurostar.” said one disappointed fan.

“We waited for three hours and then received information she was arriving at 11.30 am on Thursday at Terminal Four, Heathrow.”

Janet Jackson actually arrived at 3.00pm from Terminal Three. FLYER’s tippers said;  ‘We spotted her entourage at the Four Season Hotel in Park Lane, London.’

Support for Janet Jackson’s UK concerts was provided by the Jonas Brothers.


Talent who attended Janet  Jackson’s concert at the Royal Albert Hall included vocalist and TV presenter Alesha Dixon.


 Vocalist /model Singer Rachel Stevens also attended the concert.


    Star spotting in the capital.

Earlier on in the day, International fashion model/DJ Tolua Adeyemi was spotted arriving at the Georgio Armani Summer Party in New Bond Street, London.


Tolula arrives at the Georgio Armani Summer party in New Bond Street, London.


Shortly afterwards Tolula was joined by ‘Quantum of Solace’ actress Gemma Arterton.


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    Adam 11 years

    First Class, Janet Jackson timless quality. Flyer please use more British People. Americans are here just for the £pound.

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    Amanda 11 years

    JJ shes looking younger and younger each time i see her, love her to bits…

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