Students wage war in Westminster


Thousands of students took to the streets of Westminster to protest against the student fees increase that was passed through parliament today.


The vote in favour of the student fee increase was like ‘Igniting a tinder box’ said Mark Weir from FLYER.

Students confronted in the police in Whitehall who were outnumbered. One policeman fell beneath his police horse and received serious injuries. Splinter groups descended into the West End. Trafalgar Square, the Norwegian Christmas Tree was set alight and in Great Marlborough Street Prince Charles and Camilla was attacked when they arrived at the London Palladium.


Speaking to FLYER News one protestor who was seriously injured by a flying projectile thrown from another student said: “From the moment we were contained in Parliament Square things turned nasty. I don’t blame the student who injured me we are all fighting for our futures.”

Another said: “Look around you many of us here today are of working class or minority backgrounds. It’s us who will be priced out of the student market.”


Metropolitan Police said: ‘So far there have now been 26 arrests: 1 x drunk and disorderly; 3 x criminal damage, 2 x arson, 12 x violent disorder, 4 x assaults on police, 4 x burglary.

Forty three  protestors attended hospital with 36 being taken there by London Ambulance Service. Twelve officers were also injured with six requiring hospital treatment.

In a statement the Met Press bureau commented: ‘Police completely condemn the outrageous and increasing levels of violence that some of the protestors are now involved in.


This has nothing to do with peaceful protest, students are involved wanton vandalism including smashing windows in Oxford and Regent Streets. Innocent Christmas shoppers are being caught up in the violence and disruption.


It has gone so far that a car in which the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall were travelling through the West End was attacked. Police managed the situation and they were unharmed.

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