Fans flock to see SHANK premier in London


London is perched on the precipice; the word on the street is about survival. Set in 2015 ‘SHANK’ is a foray into the apocalyptic futuristic vision and probes the underbelly of society.  The modern world as we know it has all but gone.


In this world you either join a gang or become victim. The streets are paved with trouble – know your enemy so that you can uncover their weakness and protect yourself when trouble starts. ‘Your gang is your family, find a crew and stick with them, with no parents to look out for you it’s best not to walk alone if you wanna make’ reads extracts from the  media pack.


Speaking to FLYER Newspaper at the World Premier, Director Mo Ali said: “We had assembled a great cast to work with. They were very dedicated and very receptive to the challenge.”


Fans in Brixton queued for several hours to capture a glimpse of the stars of the film.

The young cast included rising star Kaya Scodelario who appeared on the red carpet with her ‘boyfriend’ Elliot Tittenser from TV hit series Shameless.

Kaya Scodelario (Tasha) is best known as the decadent Effy in E4’s hit series Skins.


Ashley ‘Bashy’ Thomas (Rager) is a renowned practitioner in the hip-hop/grime music scene. His controversial track ‘Black Boys’ received much acclaim. Bashy plays a lead role in this film.

Shank premier

Jan Uddin, appeared as Jalil in Eastenders and also appeared in The Bill and Casualty. Jan plays the role of Sweet Boy in Shank.

shank arrivals

Kedar Williams – Stirling. Making his debut big screen appearance, Kedar, 15, attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London. Kedar has played the role of Simba in Lion King and appears on the red carpet with rising star Rihanna Murray who plays Lexey.

shank arrivals

Many other celebrities graced the red carpet in Brixton including Mz Bratt. Mz Bratt has just signed an exclusive new recording contract and now models for Box-Fresh.

shank arrivals

Recording artist Javine Hylton has established her career as a singer and actress. She’s taken time-out too look after her child.

shank arrivals

DJ Longers appeared on the red carpet with comedian ‘Kojo’. The two entrepreneurs were very popular with the young females in the crowd.

shank arrival

Aisleyne Horgan Wallace first appeared in the seventh TV hit series Big Brother.

shank arrival

Donatella Valentina has worked as a model and first appeared on TV programme ‘Young – Posh and Loaded’ in 2000. Donatella is a popular personality on the celebrity scene.

shank arrivals

Comedienne Ms London is one of the rising stars on the celebrity circuit and will be performing at ‘In Celebration of my Sisters’ this March.

shank arrivals

Louise Glover recently stood trial over an alleged bar-room brawl. Page-three model Louise is re-establishing her show-biz career.

shank arrivals

Entrepreneur DJ Scorcher, a popular guest on the red carpet is reportedly heading up the world of fashion having recently launched his new clothing line.

 shank arrivals

Man of the moment; Mo Ali who is the director of Shank. Shank is released in UK cinema’s in March the 26th 2010.

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