Absolutely Ascot stars glam-up for star-studded wrap party

London’s West End became the central focus for the stunning stars of ITVbe hit series Absolutely Ascot’s official wrap party.

Putting aside their differences for one night the ITVbe stars united to celebrate the success of the series in Soho, London.

Looking absolutely sensational the TV stars including Mia Sully, Courtney Smith, Ryan Sweales, Samson, Claudia Smith, Amber Tucker Chandler, Chloe Bowler, Alfie Best, Vivienne and Simone were pictured at the celebrity event.

Absolutely Ascot stars were pictured attending the wrap party in Soho, London.

The structured reality series follows in the lives of the wealthy residents as they go about their daily lives. The gritty reality of the the show has gripped the nation and wider communities.

Celebrity endorsements by TV stars including Vicky Pattison and Daniella Westbrook have helped propel the show.

Glamorous stars of Absolutely Ascot

Filmed on various locations around Berkshire, Absolutely Ascot has gained a huge following and the young stars have even been seen enjoying the spotlight at celebrity events across the capital.

The popular ITVbe show has found a much welcome niche within the reality TV market which to a large extent is down to the strength of the personalities.

Central to the series success are a number of key figures which include: pro Boxer Alfie Best and his glamorous make-up artist girlfriend Mia Sully.

Brother and sister Courtney Smith and her watchful older brother Samson Lee Smith. Loved-up Samson is dating Chloe Bowler a beautician.

The cast also includes Leah Fletcher, Instagram star, Claudia Smith, Amber Tucker Chandler, Henry, Lee, Ryan and successful heard-dresser to the stars Ryan Sweales. Glamorous stars Simone and Vivienne are also very popular personalities.

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