Cole launches shoe collection at Fashion Week


Fresh from her overseas trip to Afghanistan, Cheryl Cole put her best foot forward last night when she attended the Stylistpic launch party in central London.


Cheryl Cole is collaborating with Stylisticpic, a  web  based organisation who are producing a new capsule shoe due to launch this December.


First to arrive at this exclusive party was Girls Aloud vocalist Nicola Roberts.


Although the address of this event was embargoed, somehow over twenty paparazzi discovered the secret location. With so many paparazzi drawn away from London Fashion Week’s official schedule, there were fears that Cheryl was going to use either the backdoor or a side entrance.

When Cheryl arrived at and there was chaos. Barriers were knocked over and some press photographers who’s been waiting several hours coud not get a look in as paparazzi clashed amongst  themselves.

     Celebs in the city


Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Sienna Miller attended the star studded Burberry collection in London.


They were joined on the front row  at the Burberry collection with Kanye West who arrived and departed via the back-door.

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