Alexis Jordan evades pap’s at MTV Push party


The young talent, discovered at the age of 14 on Americas Got Talent, was secretly ushered through the back door at the Village Underground Club in Shoreditch evading many of London’s Paparazzi.


Not to be out smarted twice the Paparazzi teams soon discovered the secret entrance. “I saw a red stiletto heal disappear through a side door. It was purely a gut instinct.” reported Dino a press photographer.

When Flyer first profiled Alexis last February, Alexis was relatively unknown. Performances at GAY and front row positioning at London Fashion Week, the British press were still none the wiser.


Fast forward to April 2011 and Alexis is currently ‘Hot Property.’ Flyer has been trading pictures with pap teams all day such was the demand for pictures.


If there is one thing the Brits can learn from the Americans is how to handle the press. Artists such as Katy B tried desperately to avoid the press and in doing so lost out in the column inches.

Next week Americans R Kelly and Jennifer Hudson, and from Jamiaca Marcia Griffith will also be attending press calls in London.


Not so camera shy Brits who attended the Push Party included:


Alice Dellal


Fashion Blogger Bip Ling


Pixie Geldof

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