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Airport Duty Tax

Edmund Bartlett and Loanna Morrison

Speaking to FLYER at the World Travel Market WTM conference was Jamaica’s representative the Honourable Edmund Bartlett minister for Tourism in Jamaica.

Mr. Bartlett said: “Over 150 members of the UNWTO have reached a consensus in support of the need for fiscal space. Tourism is seen as one of the most resilient and offers amongst the most potential for regeneration after a global down-turn.” Since the 9-11 atrocities the industry has been showing signs of rejuvenation. Global tourism was predicted to increase by 1%, which has since been revised to 7%.

The impact of the APD will be devastating to countries that rely on long-haul travel. The Caribbean will be amongst the worst affected. The Caribbean Diaspora in the UK is arguably amongst the strongest with regular trips amongst family groups. We have projected 15-20% shrinkage in long haul visitations, which will further impact on the recession. This will effectively choke off visitations.”

Edmund Bartlett concluded: “We’ve estimated that this is likely to cost Jamaica somewhere in the region of £50 million per annum. Jamaica relies on 10% of total in-bound tourism from the UK. 40% of which is from nationals. Islands such as Barbados could be hit even harder.”

Picture: Edmund Bartlett (Minister for Tourism Jamaica).

Loanna Morrison (Prospective UK Conservative Party candidate).



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