FLYER Profile

FLYER Newspaper is the UK’s first publication to truly embrace the news and views of Britain’s diverse communities. We endeavour where possible to show a different angle to national news stories and where necessary challenge the stereotypes that have created a negative impact on communities across the UK and beyond.

In the past Britain’s diverse publications relied solely on the currency from local government. This over reliance on government funding restricted their ability to deliver un-biased news-coverage. In truth they eventually lost the trust of the communities they set out to represent.

Winner of the Community Newspaper of the year, FLYER Newspaper has achieved more in eight years than papers decades older. Our ability to deliver first hand news using reporters and photographers commissioned by FLYER has reduced the risk of inaccuracies.

FLYER Newspaper continues to shape, challenge and influence change and as a result reaches a verified unique viewing of over 200,000 hits on average every month. Our lowest rating in 2011 was was 90,000 pcm.

By embracing the future FLYER encourages all our staff to work to their highest ability and actively challenge views of others. Our policy of not using pictures stolen off the internet or associating ourselves with websites or publications that do so is our way of recognising the vital role of photographers and their incomes in this media age.



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