Designers create ultimate Carnivalista fashions


You may be an uptown kind of person or downtown and if you’re the kind of lady that likes to make a statement at the Notting Hill 2015 Carnival the following should be of interest to you.



FLYER Newspaper has enlisted a number of up and coming designers likely to create an impact at this years Notting Hill carnival 2015.


Mardi Gras Design is a leading family based enterprise which specialist in bespoke (made to order) carnival costumes. With an international client base Mardi Gras Design provide creative solutions for clients that include Burrokeets and Xstreme UK Carnival Mas bands.


Maria and her daughter Sophia’s designs are on working display at this years Notting Hill Carnival including Rhythm Tribe and very popular design Orion Skies which will be worn be Burrokeets Mas camp.


Mardi Gras Designs also provided creative solutions for theatre productions across the UK which includes prototypes. Typically Mardi Gras designs range from £200 – £400 per outfit.


Founder Maria Joseph is originally from Trinidad and now lives in North London. Maria’s daughter Gabrielle Joseph won Miss Teen Caribbean 2014, her eldest daughter Sophia Joseph is the reigning Miss Trinidad & Tobago UK 2015 winner. Maria began working as a volunteer for various carnival organisations, and has been designing costumes for over 20years.

Maria originally worked for Burrokeets (Mas band) on a casual basis as a hobby which has now evolved into a successful design business for the past three years. Sophia Joseph (daughter) is also a successful designer. She is the founder of Wassiville designs which specialises in original exotic styles such Mystic Mayan etc.

Deana Kamille creates the ultimate uptown and downtown styles

London based online fashion boutique Deana Kamille has been at the forefront of the fashion industry for several years. focuses on selling quality items at a lower cost. The successful enterprise is extremely popular amongst women of all shapes and sizes.  If you are looking for that ‘WOW FACTOR’ or just simple day-day style and sophistication at affordable prices this is for you.


Rocking the ‘Downtown Girl’ look to perfection Sharlene (model) is wearing Denim high waisted Rip Jean, white V-Boob tube accessorised with chunky neon yellow necklace and Rihanna inspired gold frame sunglasses.


For her second look Sharlene (above) is wearing Denim hotpants, Adidas sneakers, black Bralett.


Rocking the ‘Uptown Girl’ style (below), Renee (model) is wearing Denim hot pants, white T-Shirt Dress (split both sides) and tie-dye Denim hot pants 
accessorised with: Chunky pink necklace
and Transparent frame sunglasses.



For Renee’s second ‘Uptown Girl’ look she is styled in a white high waisted two piece pants suit (Aladin inspired trousers and boob tube top).



Whatever you wear at Notting Hill Carnival wear with style and confidence.


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