South Africa loses its greatest son Mandela


People across the globe have paid tribute to one of the icons of modern time, Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013. South African President Jacob Zuma said: “Today, South Africa has lost its greatest son.”

Here in the UK the Long Walk to Freedom was being premiered in London’s Leicester Square as the news broke of Nelson Mandela’s death.


Zinzi Mandela, Nelson Mandela’s daughter was pictured in London by Flyer as the news of Nelson Mandela’s death broke.


Actors, Naomi Harris and Idris Elba walked the red carpet of the Long Walk to Freedom a story based on the life of Nelson Mandela just a few moments before.


The audience were informed the news at the end of the screening at the request of Nelson Mandela’s daughter Zindzi who had attended the London premier.


The audience were informed the sad news at the end of the screening at the request of Nelson Mandela’s daughter Zindzi who was at the London premier but left shortly after the film had started. Zinzi said: “Nelson Mandela approved of the film and even asked if asked if Idris was an actor or himself such was the likeness.”

Royal couple the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge exited the film looking sad. The London screening was already seen as controversial following a decision by the PR agency to prioritise royal photographers over freelance and independent photographers some of whom were represented diverse media however this is not the time to reflect on PR blunders.


Naomie Harris looks devastated as she exits the premier from a side door.


Former High Commissioner to South Africa Paul Boteng also looked shocked as he exits the London film premier.


As news broke there was utter disbelief amongst the guests. “I’m just stunned, I’m lost for words,” said international football star Jermain Defoe.


Supporters and well wishers flocked to the South Africa house to pay their respects to the peoples president.

In South Africa, President Jacob Zuma said: “Our thoughts are with the millions of people across the World who saw Mandela as their own, who saw the cause as their own, our nation has lost its greatest son.

What made him great was precisely what made him human.

 What we saw in him is what we seek in ourselves.

 …Nelosn Mandela brought us together and it is us together that we say farewell our beloved Mandela. Let us express in our own way the deep gratitude.”

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