Model Kelly Brook has eight minders


There were farcical scenes in central London as model Kelly Brook was given close protection by eight muscled minders when she arrived for the Phillips electric shaver launch in Covent Garden.


According to the paparazzi notes: “We were after fashion pictures of Kelly Brook arriving, the heavy handed tactics of the muscle men turned the event on its head with negative consequences.”

To put things into perspective there were more security men for Kelly Brook who is hardly considered an ‘A’ Lister  than we have seen for talent such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Ketty Perry.


According to the paparazzi notes:  Kelly Brook appeared at the Phillip shavers launch surrounded by eight security officers, a personal assistant and a PR man. They used intimidatory tactics to try and stop the pictures being taken even though it was on public property.”


According to the snapper, “One member of the security team had been involved in a violent encounter last month at HMV, back-up was called and all security badges were photographed from a nearby roof.


They were so engrossed in trying to stop one photographer they failed to notice that they themselves were now the target and not Kelly Brook.


“The security were informed that they had been filmed all afternoon and their secuity badge numbers were photographed, this appeared to neutralise the situation.”

The paparazzi continued: “It takes three good security officers to stop one photographer from getting descent pictures, there were eight minders and over 200 pictures were taken, the great thing about technology is that the dialogue was recorded with the video footage including that Kelly’s personal assistant. It’s not a good look for everyone involved.”

According to a reports,  a size able percentage of British paparazzi are Ex Army and using intimidation simply cannot work. The video snippet above s set in slow motion.


Mark Weir from Flyer said: “Judging by the final result of competition winner Ollie’s trim, competitors such as Braun will have nothing to fear following this launch.”


A local business man said: “It’s a cheap shot woman with underwear trying to recruit men for a free shave.”

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