Scherzinger wows crowds at Westfiled Stratford


Pop supremo and X Factor’s American judge Nicole Scherzinger wowed crowds at the launch of Westfield Shopping City in Stratford.


The £1.4 Billion Westfield Stratford City complex in East London is now Europe’s largest retail shopping Centre. In London yesterday thousands queued in the pouring rain to marvel at the spectacular shopping city complex.


John Burton, Director – Westfield Stratford City, comments: “Westfield Stratford City is proud to launch this September as one of the greenest retail and leisure destinations in the UK. 


Our commitment to creating the most environmentally sound development possible is evident in the extensive green technologies and initiatives built into the fabric of this project.  Westfield Stratford City will set a new benchmark in sustainable retail development.”


Touch of Glass

There was a touch of ‘Girl Power’ as headliner Scherzinger belted out a number of hits. The spectacle was literally earth shattering when a pain of glass fell from a roof panel during the performance but fortunately nobody was injured.



     Facts about the construction

80,000 square metres of bricks used to construct Westfield Stratford City, enough to cover two of the Brooklyn Bridge’s floor space.

A whopping 16.5 square metres was used for one piece of glass – the largest used for a shopping centre in the UK.

120 acres of trees were saved. 100,000 linear feet of reclaimed timber has been used as cladding on the walls and ceilings. Every single linear foot was recycled, sourced from four buildings in the UK.


It takes 40,000 steps to explore from start to finish, totalling to 24,000 square metres of mall floor.

Almost double the 24,000 tonnes of steel used to build the Titanic was used in just the structure of the building itself.

Circling the west end of London the length equates to the 5km of electrical cable used to bring the shopping centre to life.

The cement used, totalling to 300,000 cubic metres, is enough to fill the Royal Albert Hall eight times over.

The 410,000 square metres of metal decking takes up five times the diameter of the O2 Arena.

The 88,000 metres of façade are almost equal to four of the Eiffel Tower’s.

Over the duration of the construction period an 800 ton mobile crane was used for dismantling. Seven cranes in total were used to manoeuvre across the site. 12,850 piles were driven and augured across the construction period.

53,000 of cubic metres were used purely just for concrete toppings.

The roof stretches as vast as the square footage of Buckingham Palace’s.

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