Anne Marie becomes a Master at only 20


Anne Marie Imafidon from East London has become one of the youngest Brits on record to have achieved a combined masters degree at only 20!

Anne specialised in Maths and Computer Science at Oxford University.


Anne Marie Imafidon has become one of the youngest students on record to have achieved a Combined Masters Degree in Maths and Computer Science at the age of 20 from Oxford University.

At the age of 15 she had already become one of the youngest girls to be admitted for a direct Masters Degree. Previously she had achieved her Maths A level at the age of 11, with two GCSE’s in Maths and ICT aged 10, while gaining a total of 10 GCSE’s and 5 A levels and 2 AS’s. She was the only student in her last year at Oxford University to receive on her final project national recognition from the British Computer Society.

Anne Marie, who lives in East London with her parents, graduated on the 30th July 2011  and has two visions for her life. She wants to help disadvantaged young people in their education and give them the inspiration to learn. She also plans to set up her own enterprise IT consultancy.

Chris Imafidon her Father said on his daughter’s success “The family is very proud of her, but every child can achieve, if given the right tools, techniques and technology in an enabling environment.”

Commenting on her achievement Anne Marie said, “Education is such an important part of young peoples lives and I want to get the message out there to the youth that learning is such an vital element in their growth and understand that mathematics is essentially a game of numbers.”

Born in Barking, Anne Marie’s hobbies are cooking netball and fashion. She also volunteers in her spare time for the Excellence in Education programme that is supported by the Wilson Education Foundation, a body based in London that aids and supports youngsters in inner city environments in education and motivation.

In addition she gives free study guides to students via her family website.

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    Roxy 9 years

    This is a remarkable story, shes of true brilliants and also great job to the editor for reporting this story.

  • comment-avatar
    Jim 9 years

    She is an inspiration to us all education is the key to success, all the best to her for the future.

  • comment-avatar
    Jane 9 years

    WELL DONE ANN-MARIE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    MJ 9 years

    Fantastic! These what we need to let people know about while yes the bad stuff happens lets celebrate the achievements! Congratulations to Ann-Marie!

  • comment-avatar
    Alexis Chase 9 years

    Hi Anne Marie

    I am so impressed wth your achievements. I am struggling to motivate myself to get on with my masters. I will try to think of you and your dedication to do so much academically at such a young age.

  • comment-avatar

    Greetings Miss Imafidon,

    Congratulations on your remarkable achievement.

    You are an example of what is possible when a village raises a child.

    Your family, and those that care about you, created a support system that nurtured the possibilities. However, it is your intestinal fortitude, mental dexterity, your willingness to plot your goal, follow the course to your dream, and the choices you made, among many other attributes, that brought you to this juncture in your young life.

    What is really remarkable is the choice you now make to give free study guides to students via your family’s website. This action plan contributes to my paradigm of creating a world where no one left behind. I applaud you.

    I pray for you to have great and continued success in every thing you do. May the Lord bless you and keep you real good.

    Al Lashley. Lovingly Divine
    Think Globally. Dream Universally.

    From the Desk of K. Alphonza Lashley Samurai XV. Festina Lente.

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    Claire 9 years

    Just found out your sibs have also just got their A level results at 11. Looking forward to seeing them on Daybreak TV this morning. Congrats to all of you.

  • comment-avatar
    Sydoney 9 years

    Well done girl, I am one of those persons who was rubbish at Maths, 60+ now but always wanted to conquer it, for you to have dont this at 20
    is just incredible. Best of luck

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