Forever 21 launches retail store in London


It was a milestone moment as Forever 21 retail store opened in London today. From its humble beginnings in Los Angeles 1981, The Chang family could claim to have lived the ‘American Dream.’


The enthusiasm and vision of Forever 21’s originators has carried through the younger generation. Linda Chang, 29, the daughter of founders Don and Jin Sook Chang was on hand in London to meet the press.


Linda said: “We’ve been looking to come to London for some time and are very excited to be making it happen. Oxford Street is one of the most renowned shopping locations in the World and ideally suited for Forever 21. The reaction in the UK to our Birmingham store was amazing and we are looking forward to bringing our fun, fast-fashion to London this summer.”

Linda was joined at the launch by celebrity DJ and Fashion Blogger Bip Ling.


Bip Ling was looking for the ‘Best Dressed Shopper.” Nina (pictured) was eventually chosen as the competition winner.


Friends, Alice, Francesca and Anosua from London were the first of hundreds of shoppers to visit the store today. Francesca said: “I have heard a lot of positive things about Forever 21. I left my house this morning at but I didn’t expect to be the first person here.”   


Forever 21 will bring a much needed boost to the jobs-market in London. The 35,000 sq. ft London store employs over one hundred people. Worldwide Forever 21 operates over 480 stores in the US and around the World. Other European stores operate in Birmingham and London.


Forever’s beginnings

Founders Don and Jin Sook Chang, who were born in South Korea and immigrated to Los Angeles in 1981, embraced the fashion business while Don was working at a gas station and noticed the best cars were driven by clothing merchants.

The Chang sisters joined the L.A.-based company a little over a year ago — Linda to run the marketing department, and Esther to spearhead visuals, including graphics, store displays and window design.

Forever 21 is located at 360 Oxford Street, London.

     Celebs Around Town


Recently crowned winner of Miss England 2011, Alize Mounter was spotted in Covent Garden, London. The English beauty said: “I have a healthy lifestyle andwill be running a charity race this weekend.” 


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