Fans flock to join Amy Winehouse vigil


Fans of tragic singer Amy Winehouse who died yesterday morning flocked to her Camden house and held a night long vigil in her memory.


Throughout the evening people travelled across London to pay their respects to the  troubled Back to Black singer.


Many people stopped and reflected on this tragic  loss, others lit candles and sang tributes.


Some local residents were sceptical of the media invasion however all the residents Flyer spoke to remembered their neighbour with warm affection.


Abigail Liebovitz a local singer with family ties with Amy said: “I loved Amy, I loved everything about her. Iwas introduced to Amy through my Grandmother.”

“I came here today to pay my respects, I sang my favourite song ‘Back to Black.'”


In Camden it was business as usual tonight at Amy Winehouse’s  favourite pub, the Hawley Arms.

In London, news of Amy Winehouse’s death first surfaced around Photographers had been told to expect the worse following reports of paramedics at Amy Winehouse’s dwellings.


It was several hours later that the news was officially broken. Amy was transported from the property at approx 9.15. One reporters said: “It was an  experience that I never again want to witness.”


Rumours surrounding Amy Winehouse’s death have been met with caution by the Metropolitan police who are currently continuing their investigations. “It’s to early to jump to any conclusions.” is the official line.

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