Christie upstages Olympic countdown


As London basked in the glory of knowing there is only 365 days until the 2012 Olympic Games which was marked with the unveiling of the Olympic medals, the spotlight of the occasion was firmly fixed on the people’s champion and Olympic medallist Linford Christie.


Crowds of spectators surrounded the star as he left the stage enclosure and made his way towards the National  Gallery. A security guard broke with protocol as he asked to be pictured with the former Olympian. He said:  “If my boss see’s me I’m finished but this opportunity doesn’t come around very often, Linford is my hero.”

Linford said:  “You’re young, tall and obviously disciplined why don’t take up athletics?”

Tourists also added their voices:  “Linford is a hero in Australia, seeing Linford today adds to the magic of this occasion.”


Former Olympian Dalton Grant said of Linford today: “The fact that Linford was mobbed by fans does not surprise me in the least. The media doesn’t see the early morning and late night coaching sessions that Linford does year in, year out. He has a phenomenal work-rate and as such has earned the respect of the public, the community and international athletes.”

Mark Weir from Flyer said: “Linford brings to the table a whole unique set of skills that comes from the heart and not from the media book. If you’re going to truly captivate Londoners to fully support the Olympics, Linford Christie should head up that team.”


Lord Sebastian Coe pictured with HRH Princess Anne, appeared to have the World at his feet.


Heading home however Lord Sebastian Coe appeared to have the World on his shoulders. Lord Coe received only a fraction of the public attention afforded to Linford on this occasion.


The same pretty much could be said for Olympic Champion Kelly Holmes. However Kelly was still pretty fresh-faced as she headed back towards Whitehall.


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