‘Babsy’ Grange sheds light on Jamaica 50



Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange, Jamaican Minister of Information, Culture, Youth & Sports met with delegates in London at the Jamaican High commission to outline Jamaica’s plans for celebrating Jamaica’s 50th year of independence.


Keynote speeches by ‘Babsy’ Grange were followed by a multimedia presentation. This included the unveiling of the proposed Jamaica 50 logo.


The official symbol of Jamaica is the National Bird/Doctor Bird. “The Doctor Bird captured in mid-flight, typifies a nation in ascendancy. Culturally strong and resilient in spirit.

The Doctor Bird at 1200 heartbeats per minute is symbolic of the rhythmic creativity intrinsic to the swiftness and as relentless as our athletes.” said Tourism representative.

Key points of the Jamaica 50 presentation included details of a Jamaican Village which will become part of the celebration and held in Finsbury Park.


Distinguished guest included Franklin Walters from Grace Kennedy, George Ruddock, Gleaner/Voice, June Daley, Miss Jamaica, Paulette Simpson, Jamaica National, David Chen, entrepreneur and many more.

Franklin Walters said: “It would be a great idea to have a book which chronicles the history of Jamaica so that we can share our culture with our children who are growing up in the UK.”


Jamaica also intends to honour Jamaican’s throughout the Diaspora and build on its ties with Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa.

Also included, Jamaica intends to celebrate, Agriculture, Textiles and Industrial excellence. The Jamdana will be a symbol of textile.

Delegates were keen to ensure that Jamaica fifty was accessible to everyday Jamaicans and that Jamaicans living in the UK would also be honoured for their services.

In surmising it is proposed that Jamaica fifty is an all inclusive year long event and a celebration of Jamaica’s heritage but more importantly one that leaves a lasting legacy.


The main legacy is the establishment of the Early Childhood Foundation.

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