Staff cause chaos at Kardashian launch


Kim Kardashion fragrance launch was marred by scenes of violence and chaos outside of the Oxford Street branch of Debenhams in London.


A reporter said: “Kim Kardashion was escorted from a side entrance but her car was nowhere to be seen. She was stranded, the crowd surged forward and staff went on the offensive, most were not even wearing any form of visible identity.


“Not only were several fans reportedly man-handled but two photographers were assaulted by over eight staff members including one who was placed in a stranglehold and another reportedly punched in the face.”

“There appeared to be limited experience of crowd control. The reports of violence happened on a public right of way therefore any form of physical contact amongst staff is an abuse of power.”


A photographer said: “We’re experienced in working with celebrities; they are in the UK for one reason, to get publicity. Inexperienced staff equals major liability.

Paparazzi thrive on chaos, Debenham staff  tried to stop us from getting pictures by placing their hands all over our cameras and when this didn’t work they resorted to violence. If they were policemen they would have been on disciplinary charges the fact that they were  representing Debenhams makes it even worse.

Some teenage girls were crying after they were crushed onto a parked motorbike. If it is proved that those involved did not possess the relative qualifications there is a likely hood that some staff could face assault charges, pictures of those involved have reportedly now been taken.”



Staff tried to stop these pictures from being taken however all attempts failed and they resorted to violence.

    Flyer  pics of the day

Alexandra Burke rock’s Biker Chic


Last month we revealed Alexandra’s fantastic new ‘Biker- Chic’ look however Alexandra is now officially a Biker Chic as we can now reveal.


Donning leathers, Alexandra hitched a ride on a Virgin Courier motorbike outside of the LWT TV studios in London.


Despite all the rush Alexandra still found time to spring a surprise on one of her fans when she presented her with a Birthday Cake.


Alexandra was not so worried about her hair under a crash helmet, however the heavy biker jacket was a little un flattering.


    Fantasia displays raw talent despite injury


Not everything in America is bigger or necessarily better, however, Fantasia’s performance at the London 02 Arena last night was a reflection of just how big and high the standard obtained for American Idol really is.


Despite being in physical pain, Fantasia rose above her injury to captivate her capacity audience with a fantastic live performance. “We have many shows here but that girl can really really sing.” said a security guard on the front-desk.

    Celebs glam up  for prestige awards-night


Some of the biggest names in showbiz glam-med up for the annual glitzy Glamour Awards in London last night.

Boy band JLS were joined by musicians including Jessie J, Alexandra Burke, The Saturdays, Keri Hilson and American Kim Kardashian.


Alexandra Burke rocked in with American Keri Hilson.


Down  to  earth, Sugababes walked from the Mayfair Hotel to the awards ceremony in Berkeley Square. They were joined for the entire distance by paparazzi. “I think you’ve got enough pictures by now.” said a friend.

“I think you’ll find that we will be the best judge of that.” retorted a paparazzi.


We’re not supposed to have favourites in bands but if we were then Vanessa is right up there. Vanessa White probably the most understated band member of the Saturdays is reportedly very popular amongst the paps and the press.

But who really rocked on the make-up front?

The first person to email your top three favourite choices and if it matches FLYER Newspaper’s editor Aisha Phipps top three, then Flyer will send you a pack of beauty gifts.


A) – Jessie J


B) Kim Kardasian


c) Alexandra Burke


D) Paloma Faith


E) Tulisa Contostavlos (NDUBZ)


F) Rebecca Ferguson (XFactor)

Answers (A,B,C) should be emailed too:

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