Chantelle Houghton goes green in London


Dressed in a green mini skirt made entirely from lettuce leaves, former Celebrity Big Brother Reality TV show winner Chantelle Houghton today launched PETA’s revamped /vegan starter kit in central London.


“I lead an active lifestyle which is supplemented with my vegetarian diet,” said Miss Houghton.

“PETA’s vegetarian / vegan starter kits make it so simple to make the transitional change, and its great knowing that animals do not suffer in the process,” Houghton exclaimed.


PETA’s colourful starter kits – recently updated to include many of the latest meat substitutes and other great animal – free options to hit the market – are packed full of hassle-free recipes and useful tips on making the switch. The magazine also contains anecdotes from many famous vegetarian and vegan celebrities, including Sir Paul McCartney, Leon Lewis, Pamela Anderson and Russell Brand.

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