Jasmia Robinson raises the roof


Model Jasmia Robinson marked her debut as a recording artist with a solid performance at Flavour Live in London.


The Bedroom Lounge was full to capacity as various artist including Daddy’s Girls performed before a live audience. There were notable performances throughout the evening.


Flavour Live is a spring board to launching careers and Jasmia shared the stage with some notable performances. 

Jasmia said following her performance:  “I felt a bit overwhelmed and now I’m on a natural high. It was fantastic to have my first performance at Flavour Live because I really like the team. I’m excited and I can’t believe that its over and can’t wait for the next show. A year ago I never thought this dream would be possible, now it’s a reality and I’m so happy.” 


For her first performance Jasmia sang  Ghetto Girl (cover) and her ‘Diva Style’ debut single.

Jasmia’s team included:  Korell Williams – Hair,  Rachel F Adegeye for RFA Beauty – Make up: Simone Williams – Outfit

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